Tennis COVID-19 Policy

Message from the President

I am pleased to announce that at this time the Province of Alberta and the City of Edmonton will allow us to officially open our tennis courts.

I know that this time has been difficult, and there are some restrictions that we have in place to meet social distance requirements.

This policy follows the recommendations of Alberta Health, City of Edmonton, and Alberta Tennis in reference to Covid-19. These measures are temporary, but also necessary in order to allow us to open the facility while protecting the health of members and community at large. Some of these measures may be relaxed at a later time, following the advice by our advisory and governing institutions.

Staff will be present to ensure these policies are met. Players and visitors to the club must follow the instructions of the office staff and respect the decisions taken by the board during these challenging times.

UPDATED – July 29, 2020; City of Edmonton Bylaw on masks in publicly accessible indoor spaces.

1 - Facility Access
  1. Players are restricted from play if they meet any of the following criteria:
    • If you are experiencing fever, cough, shortness of breath, or sore throat
    • Have traveled outside of Canada in the past 14 days
    • Have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19
    • Have been told to self-isolate by Alberta Health Services or a Physician
  2. Access to the tennis courts is only allowed during the official Court Access Hours. During that period an office staff will be present on-site, to manage court access, social distancing, and enforce the court play rules as described in this policy.
  3. Official Court Access Times will be as follows:
    • Mon-Fri: 9 am – 10 pm
    • Sat-Sun: 10 am – 8 pm
  4. Member “self-serve” gate access will not be available at any time.
  5. Washrooms will be available to members during court hours.  We are restricting building access to 1 member per washroom until further notice.
  6. Effective Saturday, Aug 1, 2020, anyone entering the building is required to wear a mask as per City of Edmonton bylaw.
  7. Showers and lockers will not be currently available.
2 - Memberships
  1. Garneau Tennis Club offers different membership options, as listed at our website (
  2. We will not be accepting in-person membership registration at this time – membership can only set up online using the website.
  3. You will receive an electronic membership card – please have a copy of this with you when you play so that if asked you can show it to club staff.
  4. Membership is required in order to make free court time bookings through the online booking system. 
3 - Court Reservations
  1. Court reservations must be made in order to assist in contact tracing should the need arise.
  2. Court Reservations can be made by both members and drop-in visitors, in compliance with the provisions of this policy; all players must be listed on the reservation.
  3. All tennis courts must now be booked through Please note that members are restricted to 1 online reservation per day, applicable to all players on the court, not only the one who has made the reservation.
  4. Reservation can be made for up to 1.5 hr time slots only during the official Court Access Hours (see point 3).
  5. Reservations of members can be made no more than 4 days in advance, and drop-in reservations by non-members can be made no more than 24h in advance.
  6. To maximize court availability, players are asked to book adjacent time blocks (for example, if a court is booked from 5 – 6, and you plan on playing after that, book 6-7 as opposed to 6:30 – 7:30).
  7. Court booking during off-peak hours may be made in advance or on a drop-in basis, but still must adhere to social distancing requirements.
4 - Court Use
  1. Singles and doubles play are permitted, with doubles partnerships only permitted among pre-defined cohort members. A cohort is a pre-defined group of people, usually family partners or sports partners, that will play between themselves, see club staff for more information about declaring a cohort.  Players can use Tennis Ladder, Hit List, or make their own arrangements to schedule matches.
  2. Members are permitted to play past their booked time only if there is nobody booked for their court on for the time block afterward – you must leave the court and ask the office staff to check the booking website and to book a court time for you if there is availability – do not wait on the court to see if someone shows up.
  3. Players are asked to drag and sweep the courts using the broom and sweepers after they have completed their time.  Club staff will be responsible for sanitizing the court equipment once per hour.
  4. Players should provide their own balls to be used on their own service games – when you are picking up your hitting partner’s balls use your racquet, not your hands.  We also recommend that you mark your personal balls in a distinct way.
  5. To support tennis skill development of members and to attract newcomers to the club, private tennis lessons will be provided, Lessons are restricted to Private, Individual lessons only, or semi-private lessons for groups up to 4 people living in the same household or a declared cohort.
  6. Tennis lessons are restricted to one court (court #1) during peak hours (Mon-Fri, 5:00-9:00)
  7. Members are not permitted to use court and coaching equipment at this time (cones, etc.)
  8. The duration of the lessons is 1h. Only the pros are permitted to handle the balls and teaching equipment (cones, etc).  If you would like serving to be part of your lesson, you must use your own balls.
  9. Lesson bookings will not count towards your daily time limit.
  10. Players must sanitize themselves before and after playing.  Please provide your own sanitizer.
  11. Club staff reserve the right to ask players/spectators to vacate the court and premises in order to meet social distancing requirements against gatherings larger than 100 people.
  12. No handshakes allowed – In lieu of handshakes, players are asked to use some other greeting such as elbow bump, foot bump, bow, racquet head bump, etc.
  13. Players, members, and non-members, who do not comply with the rules of this policy or do not follow the direction of the office staff, may be banned from using the courts for a week, or have their membership revoked upon a decision by the Board.  We have a serious public health situation and we expect that all club patrons follow the rules to ensure everyone’s safety. 


Mon - Fri: 9 am - 10 pm

Sat, Sun: 9 am - 8 pm

Phone:  (780) 431-2085