Tips for Safer Play

Tips for Safer Play

When entering courts:

  • Choose the gate closest to your booked court – there is an entrance gate by Court 1, Court 3/4, Court 5, and Court 7.
  • If you need to pass by other players on other courts, wait until they are at their baseline, and pass along the fence.  This will give you 6 m of space (which is triple the required distance).

When walking around the outsides of the courts or spectating:

  • Be mindful of space with other people – this is a public area
  • When someone is walking/standing in the relatively narrow walkway between the tennis courts and the office, either wait for them to pass before proceeding, or politely ask them to clear some space
  • Spectators should observe proper social distancing etiquette – if you want to watch someone on court 3,4,5, please do not watch from the lower walkway as this is a narrow pathway for people to pass – instead go up to the balcony where you are out of the way

When picking up your opponents balls or a stray ball from another court:

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Why are there bad bounces?

A: There is the possibility that the courts are not swept. To help fix this, ensure that your courts are swept free of debris before you play, and please sweep them after play. Staff are here to maintain courts, however, your help as members is greatly appreciated, especially during primetime hours. This also ties into question 2: moisture allows the courts to have a more consistent bounce.


2. Why are the courts wet? Isn’t it better for them to be super dry?

A: The courts are wet to ensure consistency of the clay; It helps keeps the bounces more regular and watering ensures that the clay does not fly away. Watering consistently also helps to facilitate movement such as sliding. If the courts are dry, divots and other issues such as “soft spots” arise creating uneven bounces and court surface. Dusty courts are also a slipping hazard as it is difficult to get footing. Wetter courts are much easier to move on comfortably.


3. When do the courts get watered?

A: The court watering times are 10:30 PM, 6:30 AM, 10:30 AM, and 2:30 PM.


4. Why are there no windscreens?

A: Due to rules and regulations within our agreement with the City Arts Centre, we are not allowed to have our courts obstructed from view.


5. Why can’t we keep the lights on past 10:00 pm?

A: We need to shut off the lights at 10:00 pm due to our community agreement.


6. Why is there a volunteer deposit this year?

A: We hope that many members will be able to volunteer to help us out during events and other functions. This will help us from raising membership prices, and creating a better social environment.


7. Why are your group lessons on weekdays during prime-time?

A: These are when lessons are the most popular and are most easily accessible for the greatest amount of people. If you would like to join in on the fun, please talk to any of our staff and we will gladly give you information towards registering for group lessons.


May through September

Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday - Monday: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Phone:  (780) 431-2085