Beach Leagues

Monday Women's 2s

  • Start Date: May 22
  • Cost: $350 per team (12 week season)
  • Includes: TBD

Tuesday Men's 2s

  • Start Date: May 23
  • Cost: $350 per team (12 week season)
  • Includes: TBD

Wednesday Coed 2s

  • Start Date: May 24
  • Cost: $350 per team (12 week season)
  • Includes: TBD

Thursday Coed Reverse 2s

  • Start Date: May 25
  • Cost: $350 per team (12 week season)
  • Includes: TBD

Game Format

Each week teams switch between playing from 6:00PM – 8:00PM and 8:00PM – 10:00PM. In the 2 hour time-slot teams play 2 matches against 2 teams. Each match is 2 sets to 21 (capped at 21). All matches are capped at 40 minutes in length. Matches are expected to start on time. In tiered play the winning team will move up and the losing team will move down. All leagues have a capacity of 18 teams (3 teams per tier).


It is the team’s responsibility to find a suitable replacement if a player is unable to play. If a team does not have enough players to play 5 minutes after game time they will forfeit the first set; if a team does not have enough players 15 minutes after game time they will forfeit the whole match. Subs must have played in a minimum of 2 regular league nights for the same team in order to qualify for playoffs.

Players in the same league are allowed to sub for the same tier or a higher tier but may not sub for a team in a lower tier (i.e: if I play in Tier 2, I may sub for a team in Tier 1 or 2 but not Tier 3 or lower). If an opponent objects to a team using a sub from a higher tier, the opponent may submit a default win.

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Determining the Winning Team
(Tie Breakers)

In tiered play, the winner is determined by:

  1. The team with the most matches won.
  2. The team with the most sets won.
  3. The team with the most points.

If all three teams have the same number of matches won at the end of the night then the point differential is between all three teams.

If two teams finished their match with a tied score, for example:  16-21, 21-16,  then the teams will play an additional point.  The score would then be recorded on the sheet as  17-21, 21-16 or 16-21, 21-17 depending on which team won.

Defaulting/Forfeit rules: If all 3 teams in a tier default their matches for a given day, all 3 teams will remain in the same tier, with ranking being determined by order of forfeit. If 1 team still wishes to play, that team will automatically win, and will move up to the next tier (with a corresponding team being moved down).



All leagues follow the latest FIVB rules. Teams are expected to know the official rules and abide by them. The regulations below highlight some key FIVB rules as well as rules specific to Garneau leagues. Any discrepancies or questions can be directed to the Beach Pro who will make the final decision.

  • The first contact over the net cannot be a set.
  • If a player sets a ball over the net, the player’s body must be square to the direction of the set. Side sets are not allowed.
  • Open hand tips (ball redirection with your fingers/thumb) are not allowed.
  • A player may not touch the net with any part of the body.
  • A touch on the block counts as a touch, but the player who contacted the ball on the block may sequentially play the ball again.


Coed Reverse 2s Rules

  • Coed teams must consist of 1 female and 1 male.
  • Men can only attack the ball above the height of the net from behind a 3-meter attack line (i.e. back row attack).
  • Between the 3-meter attack line and the net, men cannot complete an attack hit if the ball is entirely above the height of the net.
  • Men are not allowed to block.
  • Men are not permitted to jump serve. A re-serve can be requested in the event of a jump serve.
  • Women can hit from anywhere. Jump serving and blocking are permitted.