Beach Leagues

2018 Beach Volleyball Leagues

Registration is open! Payment Must be made to reserve your spot!
All leagues run for a minimum of 12 weeks ending no later than August 24th. Leagues run between 6PM and 10PM on weekdays. Check the Game Status for Rain Out conditions after 4:00 on game day.
Full Season Leagues Starts Cost
Monday Women’s Competitive Beach 2’s
League Full (wait list only)
Mon, May 7th
6PM – 10PM
$300 + $50 Default Deposit
(includes 2 league shirts and 2 Garneau Player Cards)
Tuesday Men’s Competitive Beach 2’s
League Full (wait list only)
Tues, May 8th
6PM – 10PM
$300 + $50 Default Deposit
(includes 2 league shirts and 2 Garneau Player Cards)
Wednesdays Coed 3’s Wed, May 9th
6PM – 10PM
$400 + $50 Default Deposit
(includes 3 league shirts and 3 Garneau Player Cards)
Thursday Coed Reverse 2’s
League Full (wait list only)
Thurs, May 10th
6PM – 10PM
$300 + $50 Default Deposit
(includes 2 league shirts and 2 Garneau Player Cards)
Summer League(s) Starts Cost
Sunday Coed 2’s Sun, June 24th
to August 19th
6PM – 10PM
$200 + $50 Default Deposit
Wednesdays Coed 3’s Wed, June 27th
to August 22nd
6PM – 10PM
$300 + $50 Default Deposit

Game Format

Each week teams switch between playing from 6PM to 8PM and 8PM to 10PM. In the 2 hr time-slot teams play 2 sets against 2 teams. Each set is 2 games to 21 (capped at 21). All sets are 40 minutes in length. Be ready to start games on time. In tiered play the winning team moves up and losing team moves down. All leagues have a capacity of 18 teams (3 teams per tier).


It is the teams responsibility to find a replacement if a player is unable to play. If a team does not have enough players to play (5 minutes after game time) they will forfeit and lose a portion of their default deposit ($20 per game, $10 per set). After 5 games forfeit you will be removed from the league without reimbursement. Subs must have played in a minimum of 2 nights for the same team in order to qualify for playoffs. Players in the same league are allowed to sub for the same tier or a higher tier but may not sub for a team in a lower tier (ie: if I play in Tier 2 I may sub for a team in Tier 1 or 2 but not Tiers 3 or lower).

Mid set substitutions (as you would see in indoor) are NOT ALLOWED. New players are permitted to start each set, but only in the event of injury would we allow a replacement player to come in mid set (*this does not apply to playoffs). 

Determining the Winning Team
(Tie Breakers)

In the tiered play, the winner is determined by:
The team with the most sets won.
The team with the most games won.
The team with the most points.
If all three teams have the same number of games won at the end of the night then the point differential is between all three teams.  If only two teams have the same number of games won then the tie break point differential is only between the games played for the two tied teams.


All leagues follow the latest FIVB rules. All teams are expected to know the official rules and abide by them.


Coed Reverse 2’s Rules

  • Coed teams must consist of 1 female and 1 male.
  • Men can only attack the ball above the height of the net from behind a 3-meter attack line and are not allowed to block.
  • Between the 3-meter attack line and the net men can attack only if the ball is hit under the height of the net.
  • Women can hit from anywhere and blocking is permitted.
  • Men are not permitted to jump serve. A reserve can be requested in the event of a jump serve.

Coed 3’s Rules

  • There must be at least 1 male and 1 female on the court at all times. (Teams are permitted to play with 2 players)
  • The first contact over the net cannot be a ‘set’.
  • If a player ‘sets’ a ball over the net, the player’s body must be square to the direction of the ‘set’. Side ‘sets’ are not allowed.
  • Open hand tips (ball redirection with your fingers) is not allowed.
  • Players must rotate serving order (but are not required to rotate court position).
  • No player shall touch the net with any part of their body.
  • For all rules above if a foul occurs, a play is stopped and a point awarded to the opposing team.

Players Cards

Garneau Player Cards are given to players who are registered in a Garneau League. League players are not able to reserve courts, they are only allowed to play on courts if they are free. Teams are only entitled to 2 players cards for 2’s leagues and 3 player cards for the coed 3’s league.

League members can purchase a full membership for an extra $75. The added benefit is that full members are able to reserve courts (up to 14 days in advance for 1 hr/day). So in a case where a group of league players play regularly, you only need one person to have a membership to reserve a court.

Interested in Beach Volleyball at Garneau?

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