Wednesday Coed 2’s

Beach leagues begin the week of June 21st. Register now!

2021 League Registration

On May 31, returning team captains were sent an email with the registration link. Returning teams will have two weeks to register. Contact Sasha at if you are a returning team captain and did not receive this email.

New teams may use the link below to register. However, we will not know how many spots are available for new teams until after June 13. If the number of new teams registering is greater than the number of spots available, we will use a lottery system to determine which new teams make it into the league. We will notify teams on June 14.

League fees will remain the same as for 2020, $250 per team.


We play rain or shine!

Check the website at 5:00pm on game day to see if games are still on.  Leagues will only be cancelled in the event of nearby lightning or extreme weather conditions. If games are cancelled, the "Game On!" will be changed to indicate the games are cancelled.

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME! If you are 5 minutes late you will forfeit the first set. If you are 15 minutes late you will forfeit the match. Games start at the posted time. If you want an on court warm-up you must show up early. Teams are expected to vacate the court at the end of their posted time.

Play Order

For Tier 1 ONLY:

  1. Team 2 vs Team 3
  2. Team 1 vs Team 3
  3. Team 1 vs Team 2

For the rest of the Tiers:

  1. Team 1 vs Team 3  - 6:00pm to 6:40pm  OR  8:00pm to 8:40pm
  2. Team 2 vs Team 3  - 6:40pm to 7:20pm  OR  8:40pm to 9:20pm
  3. Team 2 vs Team 1  - 7:20pm to 8:00pm  OR  9:20pm to 10:00pm

Tiers 1-3 and  Tiers 4-6 alternate time slots (6-8pm and 8-10pm) each week.

**League will still run on all statutory holidays!

If you are registered in this league and are coming to the beach volleyball courts to play league volleyball at your scheduled time, you do not need to check in at the office.

Subs and spectators must check in at the office prior to entering the beach volleyball courts.

Outdoor social gatherings are limited to 20 people. Anyone not actively participating in the sport of beach volleyball (playing a game or warming up) while inside the gated beach volleyball area will be considered part of a social gathering and may be asked to leave in order to comply with COVID-19 capacity restrictions.


Wednesday, June 23 (Round 1)

6 pm 1 1 Yes Dear Resting Beach Face Purple Cobras
6 pm 2 2 Suzey & Logan VilliMo Setting Ducks
6 pm 3 3 Jonas & Rachel Jumbo Shrimps Big Digs
8 pm 4 1 Beachi Neechi JP2 Loud Larry & Small Fry
8 pm 5 2 TBD TBD TBD
8 pm 6 3 TBD TBD TBD

League start date: June 23, 2021


Big Digs Malina Wu
Resting Beach Face Kayle Srogen
Jumbo Shrimps Henry Lau
Yes Dear Sasha Kleinfeldt
JP2 Abby O’Neill
Suzey & Logan Susanna Ogle
Beachi Neechi Chesare Cardinal
Jonas & Rachel Rachel Engen
Purple Cobras Brett Smythe
Loud Larry & Small Fry Patti Parker
VilliMo Heidi Mouris
Setting Ducks Emma Meeuwisse
KoSan Kolin Arnason

2020 Team standings

Div A (Tiers 1-2) Div B (Tiers 3-4) Div C (Tiers 5-6)
1. 80/20 1. Bump-set-bump 1. Jeff & Holly
2. Yes Dear 2. Jonas & Rachel 2. Cardinal/Steinhauer
3. Purple Cobras 3. Jumbo Shrimps 3. Beach Blondes
4. HEIDI 4. ShamWow 4. Business Time
5. Suzey & Logan 5. 1 tall 5. JP2
6. Myja & Kayle 6. Big Digs 6. Sugar & Spike (dropped out)




May through September

Tues - Fri: 10 am - 10 pm

Sat - Mon: 10 am - 8 pm

Phone:  (780) 431-2085