Meet the Staff

Kavi Jayatunga

GTBVC Manager

Kavi plays a variety of sports including golf, volleyball, soccer, tennis, badminton, and anything else you can think of. In his down time he is either at the range or actually golfing. Kavi loves food, and has recently graduated from NorQuest College with a diploma in Human Resources.

Abtin Manousi

Office Assistant

Abtin is a triathlete who plays tennis and skis on the side. He loves travelling, and thinks Jasper is more beautiful than Banff! He is a student and is pursuing a bachelor of commerce degree at the University of Alberta.

Zachary Grabovic

Tennis Pro

Hi, my name is Coach Zach! I’m originally from Melbourne, Australia but have been living in the United States for the past eight years. I moved back in 2014 to play tennis for Ferris State University, my junior year I transferred to Western New Mexico University where I finished my degree. I then went on to play rugby at Texas Tech University where I also earned my masters degree in sport psychology. Since graduating I have been working as a mental performance coach and tennis professional at Albuquerque country club in New Mexico. While coaching I stumbled upon the fast growing sport of pickleball which I started to play professionally and am currently ranked inside the top 50 in the world. I am coming to Edmonton to follow another passion of mine in football with aspirations of playing in the CFL. I look forward to working at The Garneau Club and meeting all of you.


Jefferson Morrow

Beach Pro

Jefferson is a full time student that attends Grant Macewan University, currently getting his Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology. WHile playing Usport Volleyball for Macewan University.


Garneau Representatives for Tennis

  • Jonathan Pearson (JP), VP of Tennis
  • Kellie Mildren, Treasurer
  • Monica Wartenberg, Director

Garneau Representatives for Beach Volleyball

  • Jesse Kruper, President
  • Cher Tsang, VP of Volleyball
  • Tyler North, Director


Phone:  (780) 431-2085


May through September
Mon - Sun: 10 am - 10 pm


Monday - Sunday
10 am - 10 pm