“Play the Clay!”

Edmonton’s finest, featuring 7 Nova-Pro clay courts.

Located just minutes from downtown, Garneau is also close to the University of Alberta campus, park areas, and Whyte Ave. Throughout the summer season, Garneau hosts weekly leagues as well as weekend tournaments. Garneau’s common purpose is to promote Tennis by offering outdoor events that are conducted in an effective and professional manner. We strive for the highest possible standards from players, directors, and sponsors alike.

Call 780-431-2085 to book a court!

Rules & Etiquette

    Tennis Etiquette

    1. Members and registered guests welcome

    • Please check the tennis membership page or the office for details

    2. All participants MUST read the Tennis Covid-19 Policy prior to your first court use

    2. Proper tennis attire only – Shirts required, no cut offs please

    3. Membership cards will be electronic this year due to COVID-19 restrictions

    4. Courts are reserved via our online booking system, Skedda

    • Members will receive access upon receipt of payment
    • Punch pass and drop-in members must call or stop by the office to book

    5. Please cancel any bookings you do not intend to use so that others can book that time

    • This includes cancellations due to poor weather
    • Please do not no-show your booking – call the office ASAP if you need to cancel

    6. Please limit play to the duration of your booking

    7. Sweep lines prior to play

    8. Drag courts after play

    9. Do not interrupt the play of others

    10. Please do not leave garbage on courts

    11. Respect others at all times – we reserve the right to remove disrespectful participants

    Ball Machine Policy

    The ball machine may only be used on Court 7. If you are a member and would like to use the ball machine, please enter “Ball machine” into the “Who are you playing with?” field in Skedda on your booking. Please factor cleaning time into your booked time. Please do not use the ball machine on a wet court. Please try to close the computer lid when in use to limit clay buildup inside the ball machine computer. Please be courteous to those near you and pull the divider nets across if they are available.


      Booking is done through Skedda (for members) and can also be done via contacting the Garneau Office (for members and non-members).

      Most tennis courts may be booked 4 days (a strict 96 hours) in advance. The exceptions are Courts 1 and Court 2, which are 1 day (a strict 24 hours) in advance.

      The tennis courts may be booked for 60 minutes per day for singles and 90 minutes per day for doubles. Any exceptions will be determined by Garneau staff.


        • One player may book a court, however all players must be named on the booked court, two for singles and four for doubles. Please enter the full names of all players. The booking member must be present on the court. No other member’s name may be used to falsely reserve any court time. Such violations will be subject to discipline.
        • Double-booking, where players book courts back-to-back, with the intention of playing continuously for more than the allowed booking time is against the rules. Please be courteous to all members and give them a chance to play. Double-booking may be subject to discipline, such as the removal of booking privileges.
        • Please try not to leave small gaps (30 min or less) between bookings, as it creates dead times where the courts are not able to be booked.
          • If you are unable to make it to your booking, please be courteous to other members and cancel it. This includes cancellations due to poor weather. Please cancel any bookings you do not intend to use so that others can book that time. Please do not no-show your booking – contact the office ASAP if you need to cancel.
          • A booking includes cleaning time. Please be courteous to the members after you and begin sweeping your court and gathering your belongings before the end of your booking. Please factor this time into your booked time. This includes ball machine bookings, please factor in the time it takes to retrieve the balls.
          • We reserve the right to determine other booking rules not listed here, as well as their associated courses of action. Please do your part and ensure your behavior while booking is in good faith and fair, for the common good of the club and all of its members.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        1. Why are there bad bounces?

        There is the possibility that the courts are not swept. To help fix this, ensure that your courts are swept free of debris before you play, and please sweep them after play. Staff are here to maintain courts, however, your help as members is greatly appreciated, especially during primetime hours. This also ties into question 2: moisture allows the courts to have a more consistent bounce.

        2. Why are the courts wet? Isn’t it better for them to be super dry?

        The courts are wet to ensure consistency of the clay; It helps keeps the bounces more regular and watering ensures that the clay does not fly away. Watering consistently also helps to facilitate movement such as sliding. If the courts are dry, divots and other issues such as “soft spots” arise creating uneven bounces and court surface. Dusty courts are also a slipping hazard as it is difficult to get footing. Wetter courts are much easier to move on comfortably.

        3. When do the courts get watered?

        The courts are watered manually by the staff at regular intervals.

        4. Why are there no windscreens?

        Due to rules and regulations within our agreement with the City Arts Centre, we are not allowed to have our courts obstructed from view.

        5. Why can’t we keep the lights on past 10:00 pm?

        We need to shut off the lights at 10:00 pm due to our community agreement.

        6. Why are your group lessons on weekdays during prime-time?

        These are when lessons are the most popular and are most easily accessible for the greatest amount of people. If you would like to join in on the fun, please talk to any of our staff and we will gladly give you information towards registering for group lessons.