Tuesday Men 2’s

The 2023 beach volleyball leagues will begin on May 22nd.

Registration for returning teams begins April 10th. Registration for new teams begins April 24th.

We play rain or shine!

Check the website at 5:00pm on game day to see if games are still on.  Leagues will only be cancelled in the event of nearby lightning or extreme weather conditions. If games are cancelled, the "Game On!" will be changed to indicate the games are cancelled. Check court conditions here.

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME! If you are 5 minutes late you will forfeit the first set. If you are 15 minutes late you will forfeit the match. Games start at the posted time. If you want an on court warm-up you must show up early. Teams are expected to vacate the court at the end of their posted time.

Play Order

For Tier 1 ONLY:

  1. Team 2 vs Team 3
  2. Team 1 vs Team 3
  3. Team 1 vs Team 2

For Tiers 2-6:

  • Team 1 vs Team 3  - 6:00pm to 6:35pm  OR  7:45pm to 8:20pm
  • Team 2 vs Team 3  - 6:35pm to 7:10pm  OR  8:20pm to 8:55pm
  • Team 2 vs Team 1  - 7:10pm to 7:45pm  OR  8:55pm to 9:30pm

Tiers 1-3 and  Tiers 4-6 alternate time slots (6-7:45pm and 7:45-9:30pm) each week.

**League will still run on all statutory holidays!


League start date: May 23, 2023




Phone:  (780) 431-2085
Email: garneau@garneau-tennis.com


May through September
Mon - Sun: 10 am - 10 pm


Monday - Sunday
10 am - 10 pm