“Play the Clay!”

Updated: June 19th, 2020

Conditions and Restriction Updates:  

June 19/2020 – The Alberta Government has initiated Stage 2 of the Relaunch Strategy and provided Return to Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Guidelines. As such, doubles play is now allowed with the condition that all members create or join a “cohort” of 12 people. For contact tracing purposes, all members may only partner with other members of their cohort, or those with whom they share a household. A google form has been created for this purpose, and a waiver will be required to be signed by all members of the cohort.

May 14/2020 – With the Alberta Government moving to Stage 1 of the Relaunch Strategy, we are pleased to announce that tennis operations will resume on Saturday May 16.  Our tennis operations will be running with some restrictions which align with the Provincial guidelines for outdoor recreation. 


Hit List

The hit list contains contact information of member’s who are looking for partners to play with. If you wish to be added to the hit list, just send us an email. 


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